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"KaSha is committed to being the Principle Distribution Company in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey & Iran for Delivery of Books, Periodicals & English Language Teaching Products Across the World’s Leading Publishers"

KaSha is an international joint venture committed to providing world-class distribution services of books, periodicals, English Language Teaching and multimedia publication, in a cost-effective and timely manner, to customers in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Iran.

Positioned at the convergence of Europe, Asia and Africa, KaSha is ideally located to build and maintain relationships with publishers, educational contributors and service providers. Its proximity to the market allows better understanding of its markets needs and demands. Continually forging new relationships to bring better value to its customers, KaSha's partners are constantly expanding to meet the ever-growing needs of the region it serves.

KaSha partners with international publishers such as Brill Academic Publishe, Pearson Education and Hesperus Press and holds an extensive stock range of the latest publications in its modern distribution facility in Jordan.

KaSha also operates as a Periodicals Distributor, serving the region by offering an excess of 37,000 titles covering all major subject areas such as Medicine, Life Sciences, Engineering, Applied Sciences, Computer Science, Business and Humanities; in addition to providing comprehensive services and competitive prices.

KaSha's modern distribution warehouse facility (58,000 sq. ft.) is complemented by a network of Sales Offices located in Amman, Dubai, Baghdad and London.  KaSha understands its customers inquiries better by providing a highly professional distribution service that is reliable, rapid and cost effective.

Why KaSha?

  • “Think And Understand Locally” but “Act Globally”.
  • Meet customers expectations.
  • “Add Value” offerings.
  • Offer a Central Purchasing Point.
  • Provide personal relationship management.
  • Offer logistic management solutions.
  • Consist of a highly motivated professional team with a high caliber of knowledge.
  • Offer broad based teaching & learning programs delivered by a highly dedicated team of specialized ELT Consultants.
  • Link with multiple publisher databases for Periodicals, Books & ELT Publications.
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